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July 12, 2010
By MarsTheCentaur SILVER, St. Germain, Wisconsin
MarsTheCentaur SILVER, St. Germain, Wisconsin
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"the best thing about being pessimistic, is you're either pleasantly surprised, or you're right."

i'm determined
to be perfect, to be
small, i'll make you
want to protect me,
wrap your arms around me.
dont let me go,
or i might just fall to pieces,
shattered glass on the floor
i'm fragile
love me.
my tired eyes will haunt you,
you won't forget me,
do i scare you?
i hope
i scare you.
it makes me happy
to see the worry, the concern
in your eyes,
and it makes me laugh,
to know you think you can
fix me.
that's ridiculous.
and no, it's not pathetic,
it only looks that way
but i'm happy, going this way
i'm on my way to perfection
and you don't even realize,
you're wrapped around my
bony finger.
there's nothing to see here,
i'm going to win this.
you may as well give in.
i'm stronger than you'll ever know,
i'm determined.

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