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Soundless Music

July 3, 2010
By PorcelainShadow BRONZE, Lizton, Indiana
PorcelainShadow BRONZE, Lizton, Indiana
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Tear drops fall like rain, but your too far gone too know, to see, or to care. Your lost in what you use as an escape to rid of the thoughts you are not fond of. Much like the ones that fly through my haunted memory as you make a break for it, by slipping out of conciousness
Late at night, i lay awake, watching the rise and fall of your chest. I get lost in the swift shallow intakes you seem to live off of
Rise, fall, rise, fall
Thinking that actions dont match words, but then again I know that they dont have to.
Rise, fall, rise, fall
Your breathing speeds up
Its obvious your having an nightmare
rise, fall, rise, fall
temptation kicks in, but i fight the urge to wake you
rise, fall, rise fall
Eventually, your breathing evens out, unexpectedly
rise, fall, rise, fall
I find peace in the rythms of your heart beats as i lay my head on your chest.
Singing to me, as if a lullaby, your hearts gentle murmurs and melodies, influencing mine, wrap around my own, and the thoughts you have escaped from, if only for a short while, the ones that are still rapidly pulsing through my veins like unavoidable fates, seem to dim and quiet, as your souls soundless music lulls me to sleep.

The author's comments:
I wrote this laying next to someone who was completely oblivious to how i felt, or how i cherished them(:

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