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Dark Corner

July 4, 2010
By MythicalBriBear GOLD, Peru, Nebraska
MythicalBriBear GOLD, Peru, Nebraska
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I sit in the dark corner,

My entire body shaking as my attacker stands at the window,

Holding a glass of red liquid,
staring out at the night sky

With a menacing smile

My hand reaches up to the small wounds at the base of my neck,

Wounds the size of thick needles

With blood trickling from their edges,

I look to the ground

A pool of my blood formed at my bare feet

The smell making my stomach churn with nausea

I can feel my head start to grow dizzy

As my vision starts to blur

He turns to look at me

His smile showing the tips of his fangs

That glinted in the light of the moon

“You’ve nothing to fear, child.”

He tells me,

“I’ve no intention of killing you.”

I stare at him in utter confusion

<em>he’s lying</em>

I tell myself

<em>they always do</em>

He merely smiles, chuckling low
in his chest

“You know your way out,”

He points to the door,

“Be my guest.”

I take a quick glance at the door,

Then back at him, “How do I know you won’t come after me.”

His smile grows,

“You don’t.”

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