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June 23, 2010
By Key14 GOLD, Douglasville, Georgia
Key14 GOLD, Douglasville, Georgia
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If Love is a Lie then is Hate the Truth


Cupid shot me in the heart
A long long time ago
My love is still here
It never will fade
Even through all the hate
I still see you
Not the mask you put up
So no one can see
The real you
The girl that took my heart
What seems like forever ago
The love is still here
You may not believe it
But baby i promise you
I love you as much as I first met you
Girl your the one I love
The one i need
I would bring the world to it's knees
Just to make you smile
I would give it all up
For you to be in my arms again
I would give up my life
For you to be mine again
To this day you still dont know
My heart wont let you go
So I cant stand telling you
As theres no chance of being denied
All i ask you is to keep me in your thoughts
While your the only one on my mind
Believe it or not I love you
Your my lifeline

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