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How could this be?

May 21, 2010
By cieracupcakes BRONZE, Federal Way, Washington
cieracupcakes BRONZE, Federal Way, Washington
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"Laugh your heart out but on the inside your just breaking apart." ~ Ciera McTighe
"Photography isnt just taking pictures, its the emotion and thoughtfulness you put into a picture" ~ Ciera McTighe

how is it possible?
for me to be in this room
of nothing but pads
and pads of cushion
sitting on a chair with
a strait jacket to keep me sane

but im screaming to hear
but i hear nothing
all i hear is silence
quiet is the word
but why?
no one can hear me
no one can even see me

the question is why?
why am i here?

now the tears come out
im crying of pain and sorrow
why did i deserve this?
why am i just doing nothing?
just sitting here?

i cant do anything
im being force fed by strangers
being bathed by strangers
i feel useless
like i cant do anything
whats my life gone to?
you tell me whats going on

The author's comments:
This piece i wrote is about like being trapped in your mind or in others peoples minds. you can't control how you feel or even let it out! so this is about not having your freedom and being locked in. like bottling your emotions in.

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