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The Heart

May 27, 2010
By xkristinx GOLD, Fairfield, Connecticut
xkristinx GOLD, Fairfield, Connecticut
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Music is alive.
The touch of the gentle tones. The weary voices. The throbbing beat pulsing through your chest.
The way everyone sings along, not caring what they sound like.
Music is the heartbeat of life.
The steady rhythm that the whole world can follow. No matter who you are, what language you speak. Music is the universal sound that can piece the whole world back together.
It can bring forgiveness. It can shatter you.
It can break you down or pick you back up. It can bring you back.
It can take you to the life you want to have.
It can leave you speechless. It can give you a new prospective on life.
It can leave you with questions. It can give you answers.
It can mend your broken heart. It can give you direction.
It can give you a new outlook on life.
It can fix you. It can make you heart sing.
It can make you go your own way.
It can make you panic. It can make you go and scream. It can let you go.
It can shorten distances. It can grant wishes.
It can erase. It can bring back the little things.
It can make you forget. It can make you remember.
It can keep your spirit up.
It can say what words can’t.
It can make forever come back.
It can make the world see that you’re broken, and make them know you.
It can fight the tears. It can pull back the smile.
It can bring back broken dreams.
And make them reality.
Music can change you.

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