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The Lost Guardians

June 4, 2010
By xkristinx GOLD, Fairfield, Connecticut
xkristinx GOLD, Fairfield, Connecticut
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There was a girl
With the lonely eyes of a dreamer.
She was lost. Her angel had left.
Her soul raw, unguarded. It was a hording ground for the hurt and pain of reality to gather.
But that girl would not let that slow her down.
She knew her angel would be back. She knew she wasn’t helpless.
The only way to heal the gaping hole inside of her was to find her soul mate.
That one person who loved her more than anything.
A boyfriend in other words.
She looked, she searched the ocean, and she traveled the globe.
She couldn’t find him.
He was an unattainable gift in her world. But her search wasn’t over.
Eventually she found her companion. In the most magical gift ever made.
In her best friend. In her companion.
She had started her search for a boyfriend, for a lover.
But it ended with another girl. Lost as well.
The two joined arms and walked into the sunset.
Knowing that one day they would both find their lovers. Their boyfriends. Their husbands even.
But right now all they had was each other.
The wide eyed wanderers left their damaged souls behind that night.
They let their angels fly free.
They needed to know there was a way out. A way to believe in more than themselves.
They needed each other’s misguided souls to find a path. A stairway to anywhere, and everywhere.
And back to themselves.

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