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Margaux As I Knew Her

May 22, 2010
By Valiant GOLD, Richardson, Texas
Valiant GOLD, Richardson, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"You look like a bloated, cross-eyed squid with a beard.... well, at least you hair looks right."
Me to my friend Heidi

Margaux with the purple and green nail polish on only one hand
Margaux with the real dragonfly clipped in her hair
Margaux who claims she's seen a fairy
Margaux, just Margaux, with no need of a last name

Margaux loud and clear
her sandles flip-flopping,
her hips swish-swaying,
bubble-gum popping in time
with the jing-jangling of her bracelets and keys

Margaux three doors down
maybe clear across the hall
or just four seats up the row
Dark waves quivering, tied back with a shoelace
Impatient foot tapping
Nervous fingers rapping
drumming on anything in reach

Margaux as she burns
fire spilling over like an awakened volcano
Margaux as she dreams
she flew like a hawk into a storm
she swam deeper than any fish
And with her I could fly as well
And beside her I dreamed as I never dared

Margaux unaccepted
So many glares and insults she never deserved
Marguax often rejected
she was left to forever dream alone
Marguax full of love
she loved with no expectation of return

Margaux strong till the end
Crying for me when I couldn't for myself
never shedding a tear while her world burned around her
And when the lights began to fade
And the stage curtains were closing
One blue eye faded with fear
the other green ete fiiled with acceptance
Margaux took her last bow and left the stage

And now Margaux is dancing for God
Margaux's singing with her fellow angels
She had said it was her time
but the world's not as bright without her
the colors less meaningful
the sun less brilliant
and the universe lost one of its stars

Margaux with her silver hair
Margaux with her perpetual laughter
Margaux who smiled her last smile as they hated her
kind, lost Margaux who can never come back
Margaux, just Margaux, who can never be replaced

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