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May 3, 2010
By emilllydubinn SILVER, Marlboro, New Jersey
emilllydubinn SILVER, Marlboro, New Jersey
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photograpy is about stopping the world in its tracks, but poetry is about capturing the world in motion.

I’m trapped in a glass box.
I have no recollection of how I got here;
not a clue how to get out.
The walls are impossibly thick and impeccably
clear– like looking through liquid crystal.
The lock holds steadfast, no matter how hard
or how much I tug.

Spanning out all around me is destruction;
it has me cornered on all sides.
My box is eerily still, as hell swirls around it–
the calm eye of a tornado of havoc.
I can see everything happening, each disaster
pulling pieces of my heart away and taking it in the storm.

I’ve tried screaming; the echoes of my pleas
bouncing around the walls of my prison.
I tried praying; my wishes can’t seem to break
through either.
I’m isolated, forced to watch this horror
unfurl before my eyes with nobody to console me.
Nobody is here to help me make a difference;
doesn’t anybody care?
I’m helpless, unable to make a change,
but where is the rest of the world?

I’ve seen children be beaten and die;
starving on the street corners of abandoned communities.
I’ve seen innocent people be slaughtered like
animals; their carcasses left to rot and disappear,
leaving their soul to float forever in nothingness.
I’ve seen Mother Nature wreak mayhem on nations¬–
send them swirling like leaves in the wind.
I’ve felt every emotion possible, until I couldn’t feel anymore.

Hope for escape was abolished some time ago.
I’d accepted my role as the victim of the earth’s devastation.
I had stopped trying to break free of the box, I had stopped
trying to make a difference– I gave up.
Defeated, I looked at the world left around me; I saw something
I’d never once noticed before, and it stunned me to silence.
The rest of the world hadn’t disappeared– they were trapped, like me.
Everyone had all given up; everyone stopped trying to make a difference,
leaving the world to fall to pieces.

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