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April 15, 2010
By Miss.Gianna GOLD, West Hills, California
Miss.Gianna GOLD, West Hills, California
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Hope. Love. Happiness.

Some people believe, some people don't.

We all have different theories, opinions, and wonders.

Is there a God?

I think there is.

Infact, I'm sure of it.

How would I be sure of it?

Have you ever had one of those things in your life that you just automatically believed in? A person, a place, something?

That's what God is to me.

I just think that this world is too beautiful, and too, for a lack of a better word, amazing to just have evolved.

What do you think?

From people, to animals, to nature, to everything.

How it all started, and how everything, thousands of years later, just came together as we know it today.

I wonder.

Do you care?

Do you believe?

Do you have faith?

It's your choice.

The author's comments:
What do YOU think about religion?

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