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March 4, 2010
By Loki(norsegod) DIAMOND, Sapello, New Mexico
Loki(norsegod) DIAMOND, Sapello, New Mexico
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I'll sit and stare,
blankly, frankly,
and all these things leap and bound,
it's all too much to bear.

The lights are jumping through the air,
they seem to twist and turn,
they ignite in flames, I cannot care,
for it's not my time to burn.

Little people run a muck,
wielding toothpicks high,
and many shins and feet they struck,
of this I cannot lie.

Rivers appear and vaporize,
drowning all the ground below,
this all occurs before my eyes,
although my lids they've tried to sew.

All this happens in my room,
in bright and early dawn,
o, I wonder how many sleepless nights,
so far, that I have gone.

The author's comments:
Another product of sleepless nights.

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