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February 9, 2010
By hellogirl GOLD, La Habra, California
hellogirl GOLD, La Habra, California
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Let him wish his life
For the sorrows of a stone
Never knowing the first thread of these.

Never knowing the pain of ice
As its crystals slowly grow
Needles pressing in on the heart.

To live forever and never feel
a thing to wait a million
Lifetimes only to erode and
become sand.
Wish not for the stone
But for the fire last only
moments but change everything.

Oh to be lighting to exist for
less than a moment.
Yet in that moment
To expose the world to every open eye.

Oh to be thunder to clap
and ring to rumble into memories minds and spines.
To chill the soul and
shake the very ground.

Pounding even the sand
Into smaller pieces
or the mountain brooding,

Yet gathering for one fatal
moment.The power to blow
the top clean off the world.
Oh to last the blink of an eye
and leave nothing unmoved behind you.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this poem is after I read a great and inpirational book called the freedom writers. Both the book and the poem show how one person can overcome difficulties of life and still be able to move on and become great people.

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