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January 30, 2010
By UndiscoveredSweets PLATINUM, Holly Springs, North Carolina
UndiscoveredSweets PLATINUM, Holly Springs, North Carolina
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It’s sophomore year and it’s the first day.
A young girl walks into class looking for something
She had a feeling in her gut that something was going to happen
The couple of the class walks in and she pays them no mind.
She’s known them before but she just couldn’t care
As time went by the couple broke up but there was still a friendly bond.
Later on she was assigned to sit next to the guy of the couple.
They barely spoke the first day but eventually they clicked.
Looking into his eyes she saw something.
She didn’t see the bad boy/funny guy that he was
She saw the adorable sweet heartfelt guy in him
Was this the feeling she was looking f+or?
As much as she longed to tell him how she felt
She was a little nervous every time she saw him but she had no problem talking to him
Every second they spent together made her want him even more.
There where bad days now and then, things she didn’t want to hear.
Sophomore year was almost over
And exams meant no more time with him
No more time to convince him that he could like her
There was no last chance for her to get that one special guy
Last day she gets a friend to text his friend
Telling the friend to tell the guy she liked him
The friend says he’s not sure how he felt about her
But he probably doesn’t like her
Like a earthquake erupted in her heart
Crushed that that one chance was not going to happen
As much as she wanted to cry
As much as she wanted to give up
Something wasn’t letting her
She wanted it like it was nothing else in the world.
Desperate? You’d think so
It’s new classes and not seeing him makes her hope slowly fade
Yet those brief seconds she does see him makes her smile all day
Moving on is the hardest
Especially when she know he never cared the same way she did
But his smile and his eyes and his laugh kept her holding on
Kept her still holding on
Waiting… Hoping that he wouldn’t cut the cord
The cord that made her sophomore year so great

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