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The Circus

January 13, 2010
By StrawberryTofu PLATINUM, New City, New York
StrawberryTofu PLATINUM, New City, New York
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You do again, I see you do--
Change the locks and fix the cage,
You guide me too,
With your whip you hold tightly
So your knuckles are blue.

Oh and you desperately try-
Attach the mask with glue,
Dare to claim that you are cute and innocent, too.

You think I am deaf to you?
I hear the echoes of what you say.
Towards everything in your range,
Everything that breathes,
You speak ill of me.

What of this?
Think they will not see your snare?
But no, wait-- they do! They do!
You correct me again, I was wrong,
Thank you-

This-this is the big debut.
Shoved along across the stage,
The audience sees me with their
Mouths full of mashed peanuts and popcorn
Gasping for laughter.
Not a single protest or boo.

You paint the sky gray
Every time it dares to shine blue,
Brooding in your own sour air,
Sabotaging everything around you,
But I see you made our old friends your crew.
You blamed them,
But I should have known it was you.

But wait- a toast-a toast-
To you, your spite, your anger,
You all deserve each other,
I will no longer be locked up by you,
Old friend- enemy, I’m through.

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