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Traveling through the light

January 15, 2010
By BrittaneyPeacock DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
BrittaneyPeacock DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
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God had sent his only forbidden son to the earth,He was born on a sabith day we today and for many year have celebrated the sabith holiday we call christams,the son was born in a barn type area,his mother we all knownas marry and the husband of marry was jousph,they rasied jesus the son of ower lord god,son of god had grown up in a harsh but faithful world,jesus shared the word of his father with thousands across the land for mile and miles to come,so every year we all come to celebrate the holiday christmas to celebrate the birth of jesus christ,soon when jesus was older he was forced to give him self to the romans who demanded to sacrfise jesus christ,jesus was beeten,torchered,he suffered as his mother and his 12 desiment watched and he had told his 12 desiments dont fight for i shall always be with you,he had to carrie his own cross +,he had to carrie it has people torchered him and he had to carrie it up a big hill.he was p[laced between to criminals who has been in prison,jesus had 4 hole two in the palm of his hand and two in the middle of his feet to mail him to ht e cross and jesus wore a crown of thorns to repersent he is a king,but as christains to this day still love and miss and pray to him he as always will be with us,and if you dont comehting bad pray to thee god jesus christ as for he did sacrifise him slef for ower wrong doing as we christain call them since of god.he had said fother forgive them for what they have done to betray i and you please fother for give them for the since, and then jesus had pasted and was put in to a rock type cave, and a few days later he was to arise from the dead,we say christain and many others also wonder how can some one rerise from the dead and live again and well its called a mircule that he did marrys sister thought she has seen jesus so she had ran to jude hes hes alive and jude ask who,she said jesus has arised and it was a fact not a mistery but as a fact he did rise and then he went to his 12 desiments and they were all in shawed and then a jesus started to rise in to the sky,anmd he had said my childeren i shall forever be with you in the bad and good times,i love you never doupht thee jesus christ.

The author's comments:
this is a peace i wrote as i am a christain that love and beleives so much in the bible and god/jesus.i want to hsare the words of god with people all over the world that is afraid to turn to him and that is wanting to and just wants some help.

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