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The Ticking Clock

January 1, 2010
By ShaeMusicLover SILVER, Spokane, WA, Washington
ShaeMusicLover SILVER, Spokane, WA, Washington
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I sit in class
the clock goes tic-tic-tic-tic
hands moving in perfect rhythm
nothing exists
except for that clock
every second that passes
is a second closer to death
i don't wanna die
i want to turn back the clock
but time goes on
i can't think about anything else
how will I die?
How will the teacher die?
How will these kids die?
What if there is nothing
after death?
People ask me
if I'm OK
but all i can hear
is the clock ticking
moment by moment,
edging us closer
to death...
they don't understand
that they are dying
that soon life will be over
and we will be rotting corpses
buried underground
i crawl into bed that night
wondering if this is the last time
praying to wake up
the next morning
i hate sleeping
because at least when
you're awake you know
you're still alive
the next morning
I wake up to the scent of
eggs and bacon
but each moment chewing
is a moment closer to death
everything takes time
time takes us closer to death
there is no escaping it
Father sits there enjoying
his food not realizing that
we are dying
why does nobody realize
that we are dying?
i wish i could be like them
just living day to day
not worrying about
time, not thinking about
death, just being a kid,
enjoying the sunshine,
reading a book,
anything but
thinking about death
the next day at school
when the teacher is talking
I see her flesh rotting off
eyes hanging out of her skull
and i scream
her face goes back to normal
she asks me what's wrong
i can't stop crying
nobody else saw
what happened
and that makes me
cry even harder
next thing I know
i'm in a hospital
with a clock overhead
I can hear the tic-tic-tic
panicking i squirm
but i'm stuck in this bed
moments being wasted
moments bringing me closer
to Death
a nurse rushes in
asks if i'm ok
i can't stop shaking
somebody stop the shaking
she sticks something in my arm
and the shaking stops
i can't breathe
can't speak
it feels like
i'm dying
please, don't go,
i reach my arm out to her,
hoping she'll understand,
but she leaves
and the door shuts behind her
leaving me alone
with the ticking clock.

The author's comments:
after reading some Poe one night i was in the mood to write something really creepy. hope you enjoyed it ^^

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