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The Blazing Inferno

December 30, 2009
By farmgirlie_95 SILVER, Centerville, Utah
farmgirlie_95 SILVER, Centerville, Utah
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A holocaust of flame and smoke,
devouring all in its path.
A sea of flames; a mighty inferno
This rapid oxidation of heat,
Sending a shower of brilliant light searing into the air
The beautiful, reckless grace of scorching embers,
Unable to be fully tamed by any man.
Servant to none; blazing it's chosen trail,
Killing all life within its reach
Only to bring about a rebirth of life from the embers.
And as I gaze into this glow
It's luminous presence burns into my brain.
I yearn to look away
But I can't, I must not
For she's captured me
This raging beauty that is

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