Bullying | Teen Ink


December 18, 2009
By oregonemma SILVER, Park City, Utah
oregonemma SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Words do hurt
just as much as guns
although its not physical
it still feels
as if a bullet
just ripped through the heart

Bullying isnt just physical
It causes emotional pain
emotional pain...
that can last a life time
emotional pain...
that can ruin ones life

Teen violence is a big problem,
some may denie it
others accept it
Teen violence is not something
to be taken lightly
and yet, it is

Somthing in our society
needs to change
Whether its
how we deal with teen violence
or eliminating it

Something needs to happen
and it needs to happen soon
no longer can we sit around
while this is going on
no longer
should that be okay

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