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Number 73

November 28, 2009
By TalktalkKC SILVER, West Chicago, Illinois
TalktalkKC SILVER, West Chicago, Illinois
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A joint. A gun. A pigskin. A heart.
From a reefer's reel to a ref's whistle
A fire cracker blast to a rhythm.

A weapon to an escape
Threat to longing
A window to a door

Cold feet to protecting cleats
A hand grasping, change into empty air
False hope to a future

Ending to beginning
Superman erupts
Alone into a team

Regret is splendid
Fuel for the down
Anger to the rival

Cold-turkey to pigskin
Flat to textured
Secret to secret

Fist to lip
Hand to heart
Shaking to steady

Turf blast to body
Saving grace
Signal of life

Pain is love
Fuel for the down
Breath to the win

Blunt to sharp
Flying to grounded
Blitzed to blitz

Ragged exhale
Choked stagger

Racing lungs
Adrenaline zoom
Gasping unison

Angry sanity

Zealous insanity

Secret to secret
Success to success
Revolution for the win.

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