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from the outside

November 22, 2009
By make*it*real BRONZE, Yellow Sprigs, Ohio
make*it*real BRONZE, Yellow Sprigs, Ohio
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on the outside you see her tough i dont care attitude,but really look into her can see all the pain and can see what shes been through know what happened,but then she looks away and its gone,just like the past.everything she cant change,everything she wishes she could but cant.she tries to forget,she tries to tell her story but the words wont escape her lips,the pictures wont leave her mind.shes haunted form the past.shes worried for the future,what will become of her.will she pull throuh it or be left behind.can she do it alone.when will it get better.the sparkle in her eye has left the smile on her lips has faded.she is no longer there.her thoughts have distanced her form the world.the longer shes gone the more she knows whats going to happen.the more she wishes she could change it,but she knows she cant.when her toughts escape in a scream,she starts to cry,for the first time,she cries.not because or the past not because of the future.she sobs and sobs.she sits down on the curb in the rain and wishes someone would tell her what to do.when you look into her eyes you can see the soft fragile heart,the one that has been shattered again and again and has never been can see the want and desire the lost hope the fear lying on the can see the anger,she wants to yell at those poeple but she makes no sound.she sits there silently taking all the pain and sorrow,on her own,alone in this see her frim the outside,she keeps her gaurd up,never letting you in the inside.

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