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summer dream

November 16, 2009
By XxXsuicidalxkissXxx SILVER, Tallahassee, Florida
XxXsuicidalxkissXxx SILVER, Tallahassee, Florida
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i'd rather be hated for what i am then to be loved for what i am not

summer comes and fades away
a dream of the past that i can't escape
every things all wrong
this isn't the life i wanted
things just went all wrong
and now your so far away
whats happening to me
i find myself locked in the past
can't escape that memmorie of you
all those days i spent with you
laying there in your arms
my dreams became real
but not thats all gone
things just went all wrong
i can't escape my past
the feel of your kiss on my lips
all those words you said to me
were they real or were they all lies
whats wrong with me
all these years later
no matter how far apart we are
when i turn around i see you there
stareing back at me
a summer dream that comes and goes
with each fading summer day

The author's comments:
heart broken, lost in the past, hurting

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