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With Me

October 22, 2009
By mana15 GOLD, Newark, New York
mana15 GOLD, Newark, New York
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I don't understand how I feel,
I don't understand who I am,
I don't understand why you are their,In my life,I don't understand how to feel,How to act,
When all I want to do is ask,"Why?"
"How?""When?""Where?"I don't understand why you are their but I know you'll always will be here, holding my hand. I don't understand how you just popped into my life. How isn't a bother when you tell me how much you care. I don't understand when we somehow tumbled in each others lives. When, is nothing to say, when I know you have a grip on life, and somehow we tumble anyway.
I don't understand where I am. Just because your eyes send me, to a deep place. Where I want you to be. With me.

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