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I feel... I believe... love

October 21, 2009
By Simply... BRONZE, Bonao, Other
Simply... BRONZE, Bonao, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Nothing good is ever the same.... only bad things never change..

I was all alone
Nobody on the other side
I hear voices without tone
There’s nothing left but my pride

I can no longer see
The world has blinded me
All I want to do is flee
And I hide behind a big tree

I get shivers
Every time I look at myself
Who is this on the mirrors?
Is all that I ever felt

Nobody here
I am all alone
But I don’t feel fear
I’m as cold as a stone

What am I suppose to do?
I already understand I’m nothing
Everything around me is no longer true
Except this feeling…

Love is what’s keeping me fighting
As long as I have you
I don’t care for any meaning
And THAT is what’s true

The author's comments:
I'm not depressed... I'm just sad...hahaha

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