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October 20, 2009
By spitfire213 SILVER, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
spitfire213 SILVER, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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In the devil's den i may be, so stab my heart and set me free.

my heart is being pierced by splinters.
the oxygen around me becoming carbon.
The clear water im draped in turns to hateful blood.
the books that once filled me with joy,
resorts to sorrow endings.
the hot iron that unwrinkles my clothes scabs my skin.
my love turns to hate.
my passion becomes lust.
the firm ground beneath my feet caves in.
i fall into a dark bottomless abyss.

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on Jan. 19 2010 at 1:10 pm
xoxokelseyxoxo GOLD, South Plainfiled, New Jersey
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Live, Laugh,love thats all there is to it <3

i realy loved this poem. and like silverdawn said your word choices are amazing

on Jan. 18 2010 at 10:32 pm
SilverDawn GOLD, Burnaby, Other
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great word choices! i agree with everything annabelle said. your poetry is amazing

on Nov. 8 2009 at 6:29 pm
Annabelle7614, Nunyabusiness, Georgia
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This is my favorite personal quote.

OMG I love this! It has really good symbolism and I like the flow and pattern of it! Very good!