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You Just Don't Know

October 20, 2009
By cassandra_2011 PLATINUM, North Pole, Alaska
cassandra_2011 PLATINUM, North Pole, Alaska
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"Give in to love, or live in fear."

Baby I don't know what to say,
I'm trying hard,
I know you don't believe it,
But I am.

I don't want to lose you.
What if you're like the rest?
What if I'm wrong?
Then you'll be gone.

You just don't know.

So many memories,
I can't just let go.
You don't understand,
You weren't there.

Through all the hurt,
enduring all the pain?
You could never know.
That could never be.

You just don't know.

How do I know you care?
Why would you?
You shouldn't,
I'm not worth it.

All I bring is trouble,
You don't need me.
You'll just leave.
I'm used to it.

You just don't know.

Please don't be mad.
I can't handle it,
You know that, babe
Don't worry about me.

I know it won't be ok,
But that's fine,
I've gone this far,
Who cares anymore? nobody.

You just don't know.

I'm in denial,
I'm going suicidal,
I can't get through,
There's nothing I can do.

You just don't know, babe.
So don't try to help.

The author's comments:
Okay so I was obviously suicidal and depressed and going through a lot of issues while I wrote this. My boyfriend tried to help and I just felt really alone.

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