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October 12, 2009

I am in love.
A man with a dream.
A future.
Sometimes he doesn't see it.
But I know this man
I am in love with a man that has passion.
A man who respects me.
A man who adores me.
With every kiss my head spins,
When I feel the heat of his body against mine.
My heart pounds.
Beating faster then normal.
Time stands still.
Every kiss like the first... or better.
He is the inspiration in my art work.
The paint on the brush
The lead in the pencil
The grains in the clay that hold it together.
He is the drive behind every word I write
in my short stories.
in my books.
in this poem.
He is my strength.
My pillar of hope.
My crutch.
My wings.
My freedom.
He has the key to my heart.
Has my heart.
Is my heart.
Without him I'd cease to live.
Stop breathing.
My heart would stop beating.
He is my serenity.
Where I go to seek comfort.
Where I hide when I am afraid.
He is my refuge
My paradise.
Tangled up in his arms
I could spend forever
I'd think of leaving never.
Breathing him in.
Later when he's not beside me
his scent still lingers on my skin
my cloths....
He surrounds me
my sweet protector.
My dark knight.
For I know if I was in danger
He would fight for me.
When I am broken
he helps me find the pieces.
Holds me
as my eyes bleed tears.
Our lives aren't perfect.
We are far from the ideal.
He stresses.
I worry.
He holds on to me... don't let go.
I cry.
Don't let go... I'll fall away.
I've burned bridges so I could be in these arms.
No good comes without sacrifice.
I regret...
not my path
but the way I took it...
I love him.
So much is endured
I hold myself, keep my tears hidden.
I don't want him to hurt anymore then he has too.
I wish I could make it all go away
with a sweep of my hand.
I wish for the ideal that will never be.
I accept my fates
but won't stop dreaming.
I would die for him.
There are no words
If I had one wish...
I'd give him his dream.
Whatever he truly wants.
I'd sacrifice anything to see him happy.
Even if I am not.
So I try to hide my tears.
It never works
He knows me too well.
And all that I feel for him
He feels for me.
So hold on my love.
This is going to be a crazy
sometimes painful
sometimes wonderful
but I am with you all the way.
No matter what obstacles are thrown in our path.
Your my forever
My world.
Soul mate.

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