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Only It..

September 29, 2009
By niceenouf PLATINUM, Garfield, New Jersey
niceenouf PLATINUM, Garfield, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"As we move on, you forget, we both move on, with no regret."

Sometimes we have hard times
Feeling like we are hanging from a vine.
LIfe gets harder and harder belive me,
From what my eyes thou see.
Brings me to my realtIy
And actualy to come and see
Across the shallow skys,
Behind my watery, brown eyes.
Behind the dreaful tears,
That the bottle is my life, and if broken would my fear.
Above the hurt,
That dries the tears and rubs off on my shirt.
And under shows how much everythiing is realized,
Sometimes what we see may make up penalized.
Nothing is a hypothesis until questioned,
By learning our own lesson.
Nothing is a theory until proven.
Until the thought of death is my illusion.
I cant say anything wrong,
Because as life rolls along.
No thought in minds are clear,
Making sucide of biggest fear.
A building, a gun,
mIght send you to run.
Until the life has end,
No tunring back, make it your friend.
Becuase as long as life goes on,
We all have memories to dwell upon.

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