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her songs

October 7, 2009
By 19juliannabet93 BRONZE, St. Johns, Florida
19juliannabet93 BRONZE, St. Johns, Florida
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"Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us."- Marianne Williamson

She seemed to breathe in notes from the speakers
his breathy voice spoke to her in a completely new way
he forced the words out and made them louder and louder
she typed the words on the computer like she had no control
she didn’t
the guitar wrote it for her
the chorus came and went
the softest part of…
it all made sense
she heard nothing, she saw nothing
his voice awoke something new in her heart
she closed her eyes and leaned back in her chair
she breathed only music
the repeating notes on the strings
the song; all over too soon

new notes
new chorus
everything I…
new feeling
regret and dismay filled her now
the song was too much
describing places related to her
the words meaning too much
everything was too dark now
the talk of trust made her stomach squeeze and squirm
her writing changed
there were more mistakes and more judgments
the old drum rhythm in the background made her think too hard
why was it there?
she wasn’t sure
his voice didn’t make as much sense now
she couldn’t see the world she wanted
it had left with the song
I won’t hold on…
what will she do now?
her breath shallower now
she didn’t want to breath in the music
she wanted to keep it away
his voice screaming in pain was all that pushed her over the edge
he was speaking to her
his pain was her fault
too much truth, she thought
she stopped typing and just listened trying to understand
all that was left was the drum beat
I faded and left her alone

the voice sounded old
the guitar sounded new
the fake beats too repetitious
it would have been welcome before, but not now
my most personal of pleasure…
he was her now
the breaths normal again
the phone rang and she didn’t hear it
he was her and she was him
he knew her pain and he understood theirs
he told her what to do
she kept the song out of it
it had kept her fingers moving
she kept to her directions
I’ll walk the same path…
no more question and no more doubt
the guitar chords morphed together and formed the melody
she did not reread
she kept going working her hands and her hear
who was going to read it?
she would walk the same path
she would do it
she would tell her story
she would finally get the villain’s story out there

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