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For the Love of a Maiden

October 3, 2009
By Claire_Milan PLATINUM, Waldorf, Maryland
Claire_Milan PLATINUM, Waldorf, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
"Love that we cannot have is the one that lasts the longest, hurts the deepest, and feels the strongest because True Love cannot be found where it truly doesn't exist nor can it be hidden where it truly does."---A wise young man

For the Love of a Maiden Girl
“But why do you cry?
Why do your eyes flow like streams thrown over the rocks?
What keeps you back?
What holds down your laughter?
Long has it been since it rang through this deep mist.
Should it always rain on you?
And so like storms doust once on you, so twice on me.
Do not weep; pour out your tears to flow no more.
Not with assent of your will, no authority can bring you down,
You hold the quest to great joy and pleasure!
Greatness is to be desired as I have.
It means more to me to see you survive!
I won’t let them steal your happiness!”
“But who says these things to me?
I am but a common low child of my father’s house.
I am not to be desired by any means worthy.”
“I, am the one who stands up you’re too weak.
I, am the one who lifts you when you fall.
I, am the one who will pay when you have not the strength.
I, am the one who holds your hand when you are sick.
I, am the one who fixed your heart when it had come to shatter ruins.”
“I do not understand.
Why should you speak these things of me?”

“Oh what lily holds higher beauty than you, my Love?
What Pharaoh can own more bountiful treasure than I have in you?
Shall I continue?
This much you shed precious tears, sweet only to one who sees.
Like the wind blows, you belong.
Like the seasons change, you fascinate.
Like the poetry of a writer’s fountain, you glide.
Like the gracefulness of a ballerina, you embrace.
Like the spell of a magician, you hypnotize.
Like the colors of the leaves in mid-autumn, you stand bold.
Like the eagle, you soar far above the other woman who chases me.
Like the simple, unfurled rose in early spring, you are magnificent.
Like the scrolls of Israel, you are sacred.
Like the stars of the nighttime sky, you are unique.
Like a blade of grass in mornings’ dew, you are fresh.
Like rain on grey days, you comfort.
Like the beat of my heart, you are a part of me.
And so, like a young stag, I crave you.
Your every look.
Your every tender kiss.
Your every loving touch.
Your every permeating wind-driven fragrance.”
“Simple love is not for simple minds.
My kisses would hold only for you if I could but see.”
“Only look to your life!
Be not like the Paestum of Italy!
When you dream, I am hidden meaning.
When you laugh, I am the wind passing through your hair.
In the little things that happen, I am there to inspire.
Your thoughts have no higher place in my mind.
To be always present, always ready, you are my first initiative, young One.”
“Let not this ethereal presence flee like the winter from the summer!
I need the closeness of this spirit.

Warm thy self in the heat of a fire grown large.
Delve in the sheets of a bed thrice too oldearlier and find a heart’s pleasure.
A maiden’s rejected gift now to be a Prince’s highest wish.”
“Sight but fades as belief fails.
I was always there, Young Child.
No one loves you as I have found favour.
Would I leave you for another to be made into a court jester?
Would I kill a young dove learning with three stones?
Thy should be concerned.”
“What should I be to be vain in thinking the irresolvable?
They that love in vain have I been exposed!
To seek and hate only for more!
Rejected o’ too many a time am I.”
“Be strong! I am here! I was there!
Did they not beat me with the same wasted rod?
Was not I led to destruction on the same route?
Who would know more than I the feelings that you have?
Do not let them twist you away from me!
I will rise up against your many foes and strike them all down with the javelin.
For you, Maiden, will I grow faint.
For you, My Goddess, will I loose blood in battle.
For you, Sweet Sapphire, will I fight to survive.
For one last look at a face so radiant, so pungent with seventh heaven would be worth More than the pity I could receive for my wounds.”
“My soul grows weary of talk.
My heart burns long for the only one who matters.
Let you show yourself that I may see you!
For I grow weak.
All is turned in a grey bleak ash and I into a stone of granite.”
“How like the moon, the sun too withers.
You, like a beautiful gazelle are lost in their forest.
Come to the plain where the prairie claps for joy for !
Where the flowers all bow to their bends for you!
Granite is brilliant but cold.
Diamonds are incessantly glossy.
But rubies are my favourite.
You. Me. Nostro amare per sempre.”
“You make me faint with your melodious satisfying words, Lover.”
“Je connais maintenant nor amour est tumours pour éternité.”
The Rowan fruit is a passionate figment of my love.
What comparison is there that I could give to appease an angry god?
As similar are my futile attempts to please a down-trodden maid.
My queen. My liege.”
“My Lord”
“Goddess Divine! Would that you would see the power you hold!
Your eyes reflect large pools of shimmering glitter!
Can existence be, in what has no beginning?
Should I go and you are here?
What would it look for a father to leave his son?
For a mother to desert her daughter at the infant stage?
As a son to leave home for his woman,
So I water my affections for you.”
“I thank you.
Still the moon holds shadows over my head.
Deception holds pawns over my heart.”
“My wishes are sincere.
The impassioned aspiration to shield as the same.
You create daily once in me a new joy.
Like the peach of the tree; ripe with flavour and appetizing spirits.
Twice and over thirty have I struck down the heads for you.
All these I have spoken are to be shown true!
No longer should I feel less valuable.
You are mine.
Like the prize behind the finish line at the end of the cart races,
You inspire to fulfill a new hope.
I race to your beloved arms.
Where at last I found a home of homes
In the heart of hearts
And there place my treasure.
My love of a Maiden.”
“Nostro amare per sempre.”
“Nostro amare per sempre.”

The author's comments:
“Je connais maintenant nor amour est tumours pour éternité.”
Is a literal French interpretation of, "I know now our love is always for eternity."
“Nostro amare per sempre.”
Is a literal Italian interpretation of, "Our love forever."
The stanzas of this poem start out with a man speaking to his lover who is distressed. He uses as many similies as he can to boost her self-esteem but it doesn't quite work out until the end....

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