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The First Snowfall

September 26, 2009
By crazyHchan SILVER, Nagoya, Other
crazyHchan SILVER, Nagoya, Other
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On the morning of Christmas

When not a single soul was in sight

Down the wooden stairs I crept

And to the Christmas tree I took flight

What I saw there

Was much to my delight

A rainbow of colour; presents in all shapes and sizes

I squealed and leaped with joy,

And drew the dark, red curtains

Oh my!

Could this be a dream?

There, lay a thick, untouched blanket of white

Like tiny pearls falling from the sky


It covered the trees, the bushes, the houses

Glistening like crystal as the sun danced about it

I rushed to the door and out of the house

And stood there for a while

In my fluffy white slippers and pretty pink gown

Trying to take in the most dazzling sight

Freshly fallen snow

I began to sprint across the garden

Passing the snow-covered, red roses

Down the cobbled path

Skipping, hopping and jumping with delight

And I pranced to the meadow,

What a wonderful sight it was

Trees draped in white

And the smell of pine wafting

Through the sharp, yet refreshing winter air

Waltzing through the meadow

Singing, oh so merrily

Without a care in the world

I soon collapsed in a heap

Lying on the vast, pale sheet of snow

And the world stood still for a minute

I wished that it would last forever

That one spectacular moment in time

The First Snowfall

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