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The Ironside

September 11, 2009
By myfriendfreckle SILVER, Rochester, Massachusetts
myfriendfreckle SILVER, Rochester, Massachusetts
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Behind the wall is a world of green
Green, white, black, silver, and red
Trolls and pixies and humans alike
Glamoured beauty and glamoured hatred
Blending against the natural Earth
With few traces of Iron
But, where riddles lay thick and daunting
Coming from cunning brains
Leaving through filed teeth
Long, sharp, pointy, deadly,
And the pleasure in the eyes
Coal black turning darker with excitement
When the called upon suspect is stuck
At a simple question, thick with twists and turns
That would put the Cheshire Cat to shame.

Devilish tricks of wielding swords
Magic versus magic,
In a duel for freedom that
The Seelie Queen passed by lazily
For she was bored with this small matter
But when the opponents start
They fight and fight
And cheat some, too,
Turning limbs into smoke,
In order to avoid a collision
Of broken sword against trolls’ sword

Here in this world there is no tale of the old lady who lived in the shoe
But a world of fiendish creatures who steal people
And switch them with a faerie look alike.
They exile the immortal to the Ironside, leaving them there to die.
They are often thought of as cute and nice
When they really are trying to make them into on of theirs
But if you’re caught with a rare gift, the gift of Sight
Then they brutally take it away from you.
When you’re a human living in the Ironside, be careful who you meet,
Because they could be all of what you’ve heard
And lead you into the Faerie World
Residing outside of the Ironside.

The author's comments:
Um.... It was a prompt about behind the wall and it turned out to be a poem about Holly Blacks' Valiant.

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