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The Flames Of a Fire

September 21, 2009
By cheyenneduhon PLATINUM, Lumberton, Texas
cheyenneduhon PLATINUM, Lumberton, Texas
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Orange, yellow, red, and gray
The ashes and sparks of fiery flames,
Float over the ground.
The fire is uncontrolled.

The scent is strong,
Powerful and mighty,
It brings water to the eyes.
Will it ever die down?

The wood crackles,
And the sight,
So breathtaking.

The fire,
Is like a drug.
Once you start to stare,
No telling what you will say or do.

Say hello,
To the fire,
From your worst nightmares.

The author's comments:
Origianally written because i love the smell of fire. When im around a fire, my eyes glaze over all i can do is stare. I say things to who ever is with me, stuff that i keep burried under all the drama. Then i just breathe in the fire and feel so relaxed and peaceful. Anyways, as i was writing, i couldnt get my feelings across so i turned it around so it would be a horrible evil fore...the lake of fire called Hell.

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on Sep. 28 2009 at 9:14 pm
cheyenneduhon PLATINUM, Lumberton, Texas
31 articles 0 photos 144 comments
Trust me you dont have to tell me 2 keep writing i will do it forever!!

on Sep. 28 2009 at 9:10 pm
unwrittenlove DIAMOND, Mount Berry, Georgia
61 articles 11 photos 153 comments

Favorite Quote:
"If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it dosent, then it was never meant to be" -anonymous

Loved it' of course! You are very talented and you should keep writing! Great poem!