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Invisible Girl

September 19, 2009
By UndiscoveredSweets PLATINUM, Holly Springs, North Carolina
UndiscoveredSweets PLATINUM, Holly Springs, North Carolina
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Do I look like a ghost?
Can you see me at all?
Well then,I'm here
It's as if i don't matter

You know my face,my name
But you just don't know
Im just your invisible girl

Distant,Undetected,Lost at sea
I act different than most girls
Maybe cause I'm tired....
Just so tired of being Invisible

You laugh,Then you look
Then nothing

It's like you see me
But don't at the same time
I want to be done wasting tears
Done wasting breath

But i just can't do it
You're special than all the others
But how many times...Have i said that
And how many times
Do i have to sit there feeling

Lifeless,Dull and Separated
For my great friends
To help bring the true me
Back out

But i doubt you even care
Would you read this?
Nope,Probably not
So I'll just keep on coming

Till i know i have nothing to come to
Cause I'm just one invisible..
One sad Invisible Girl

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