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September 18, 2009
By LittleAngel*12 SILVER, New Paris, Indiana
LittleAngel*12 SILVER, New Paris, Indiana
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You crawl beneath my skin
You cling to my flesh
You're in the stench of my ratted hair
I try to pull away
But i always run back to your safety
Once i'm free
You follow me where ever i go
In my dreams
Behind my every step
Hanging above my head
I feel as if i hate you
But i cant help but love
You comfort me
You tease me
You make me feel as if there is hope
At least for the moment
You're in my blood
You are my life
My everyday strength
Like my cigarette
Like my empty bottle
Like my last hit
It's a battle to loose you
You press yourself around me
As if you're attached to my body
Under my fingernails
In the filth of my heart
Hidden in my lungs
My every breath
You slither around me
In my times of stress
In my pain
You pull me through
You set me up on my feet
And you walk me through it
But i can't let you
You are the only thing keeping me
In these four invisible walls
In these shackles
Behind these bars
You make it look so good
But it's only a mask
You are slowly killing me
And i'm bathing in my own death
You pick me up
And I throw you down
I regret it
So i crawl back into your arms
And when my day is rough
You take my withered hands
And whisper in my ear
"you need me"
And now that i realize it
I do
I'm just too addicted to you

The author's comments:
umm...i used to have a little problem with different drugs, but also i wrote this about a person, and thats mostly what inspired me!

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