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I stand alone in this dream

August 24, 2009
By PoetryIsLife BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
PoetryIsLife BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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I stand alone in this dream.
Like a memory that has been forgotten and used up.
Trying to find something I run.
I'm running to a new place where you can’t hurt me.
I hit a dead end.
I look both directions there’s a million you's everywhere.
You surround me as I think.
What to do...
I can't think and you’re getting closer with your clones
So I stand strong but deep down
I want to cry...
I figured out the solution....
It had to be to cry....
You can't take it when I cry
So tears weld up in my eyes.
I blink once and they start to flow
You back away and
The millions of you's start to disappear...
You stand alone with no clones
I wipe my eyes and look at you
But the only thing I see is heartbreak
So I tell you I Hate You
And your clones reappear
I said I was done with you
That I could care less if you killed me
Because at least you wouldn’t be there
Everyone sees what’s going on
Me crying and screaming at you
But I’m looking all around as your clones disappear
My friends appear upon the scene
And they make a decision.
So they look at you.
Caitlin steps forward and tells you off
She tells you how I go through everything for you
She tells you how its obvious you like me too
And How You Lead Me on!
And you stand there dumbfounded
So I step forward and I tell you I’m done
I tell you I’m fed up with you
You think i'm joking
I say i’m not going to forgive you
You think i’m still joking
So I yell
And u avoid talking to me
I think you’re scared
But you just aren’t man enough to face the truth
You love me and you hate for me to hate you
Well it's to late for wishing and I tell you
I shed my finally tear over you
So now that you’re nothing to me
I feel as though I can finally move on with my life
Even though I also feel like I cant live without you
Well it's too late for taking back what I said to you
So I think I have to move on
I take a god nights sleep and wake up
And I hate you
I could never imagine how I loved someone so heartless
But my head knows that
It just won’t tell my heart to stop loving you
Well my heart has finally stopped loving you
And I'm so happy it has
Because Now I Am Over You
And nothing in this world can change how happy I am

The author's comments:
Thee name is Ashley! I am LOVE writing stories, poetry and songs! Music and Writing is my life There is just that one thing that everyone enjoys well mine combines itself i like singing and writing music! I am so orginal and you wont find another!

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