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Someone Special

September 15, 2009
By Phoenix22 PLATINUM, Danbury, Connecticut
Phoenix22 PLATINUM, Danbury, Connecticut
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I always see her smiling more powerful than that morning sunshine
I always enjoy hearing her sweet voice
Her last name may be Meany, but to tell you the truth she is an absolute sweetie
Never let her lessons fly away in your future because they are so very valuable
That is so true; so very dear to everyone too
You’re one in a million; the one that is just so unique and special to many people
You keep you’re dreams flying; you’re truly amazing
And I just wanted you to know; how special you really truly are
You’re the one that makes everyone laugh about good times
You’re the one who always puts a smile on my face
You’re someone special, but not just one in a crowd
You stand out in so many extraordinary ways
One in a million you are; not just an ordinary person
You’re so bright and cheerful
It just truly amazes us all; the luck we have getting to know you
We are all so thrilled that we got to meet you
We are all so amazed at the memories we have shared
The laughter and knowledge you gave us is powerful and strong
Mrs. Meany, you’re someone special; you truly are

The author's comments:
Dedicated to my teacher Mrs. Meany who has inspired me and influence my life greatly

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