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Sick & Tired

September 5, 2009
By delaney95 GOLD, St. Charles, Missouri
delaney95 GOLD, St. Charles, Missouri
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I'm tired of feeling weak when others are tough
I'm tired of people telling me that I'm not trying hard enough
I'm tired of watching people scoff in my face
I'm tired of never winning, always coming in second place
There's only so much pathetic stuff I can write
I'm tired of thinking of you when I lay in bed at night
I'm tired of listening to everyone else, when I'm all alone
I'm tired of not having someone to talk about of my own
I'm tired of always having to put up a fight
I'm tired of being reminded that I can't do anything right
I'm tired of being stuck in this stupid old rut
I'm tired of constantly sidestepping all the graves that I've dug
I'm tired of things never seeming to work out
I'm tired of no one hearing me, even when I shout
And I can't yell for much longer, cause my voice is going out

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