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A Journey Within

September 21, 2023
By Anonymous

Beneath the veil of time and space,
In the quiet corners of our inner place,
Lies a truth, profound and still,
A whisper of eternity, a timeless thrill.

Through the chaos of life's endless stream,
A silent current, like a hidden dream,
Flows the essence of what we seek,
In the depths of the soul, where the wise hearts speak.

In the dance of moments, fleeting and fast,
In the shadows of the future and echoes of the past,
We find our purpose, our sacred quest,
To uncover the answers, to be our best.

Through the tapestry of joy and pain,
In the sunshine and in the pouring rain,
We learn the lessons, we find our grace,
As we journey through this sacred space.

In the hush of night, in the break of day,
In the choices we make along the way,
There lies the power to heal and mend,
To find our purpose, to transcend.

So let us embrace the depths within,
Where the soul's journey does begin,
For in the depths of our own being,
We find the meaning, the truest meaning.

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