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The Three Stages of Creation

June 3, 2022
By OrionTrips SILVER, Bristow, Virginia
OrionTrips SILVER, Bristow, Virginia
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"Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking."

It’s true art, resolved at last.

It exudes such elegance, so

Many elements, yet holding

Steadfast. The composition of

It all makes me regret

The scolding I gave myself

Not but a day past. Although it

Does appear in the contrast a tad

Too heavy. And now that I get a real

Look at it, why did I cram all

Of this there? Where is the restraint?

This portion here is taxing the

Rest of the image like a levy.

The canvas was preferable

Before I even laid a finger near.

All that did was go and taint it.

Come here you! I have a mind

To snap you clean in two!


Oh lord, how much time was

Frittered and spent, only for it now

To slouch over the grime-ridden,

Filthy ground like a tent.

For the rest of days, I’ll stumble

The streets in a battered malaise, and…

Halt, doth my eyes deceive me, or

Is there something spectacular within sight?

I ought to get started on it lest

I lose grasp of the marvel meant for

Me alone to conjure up and complete.

The author's comments:

Funny poem that explores the self-doubt riddling creators everywhere.

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