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The Mask

January 1, 2022
By tylerhyunpark SILVER, Los Angeles, California
tylerhyunpark SILVER, Los Angeles, California
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A piece of nonwoven fabric

Strapped around my ears

Clenches onto my ears covering my face,

Like a squid game boss.

Nothing is more comforting

Then to hide behind the mask 

Knowing that you are safe

From the diseases of criticism.

The musty smell of food remnants

Stained on the fabric that is glued to my face,

The sweat that lingers on my cheeks and chin

Creating uncomfortable moisture

Is a feeling familiar to me 

When the day finally comes,

When disease dies like a villain who has lost his powers,

When the feeling of comfort on my face leaves me,

Will I be able to take it off,

Revealing things I tried to hide,

The mask a thing that protects and hides,

In fact exposes and reveals as well.

The author's comments:

Mask is a metaphor for a teenager or anyone who wants both to be noticed and hidden at the same time. 

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