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La Marche Del Mundo

October 21, 2021
By nealt BRONZE, Dover, Massachusetts
nealt BRONZE, Dover, Massachusetts
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Clipping on the leash,

My golden orb covered in curls 

Races for the door,

Arriving at the spot

To relieve in a hurry,

Just at the start of the walk. Turning

The corner, we see a cone. 

Bright orange and gleaming in the morning sun. 

Puzzled, Tucker sniffs and wonders. I know

The answer to his unasked question, but

Know he will never understand.

A leaf falls just in front,

Of the furry little thing who darts towards,

The fallen object and shows the world

His trophy.

Perking his head up and looking

To me for cognizance, we being the

Audience of the barking symphony. Dogs

From all around,

From the house up the hill to the one

Down there, creating

Music to all ears. Except, 

The ones who are still asleep.

We reach the summit

Of our walk, the top

Of the hill, that we just ascended,

A bright yellow ball, pokes up,

Striving to be seen

Above the hint of a mountain top.

Turning around, I toss

A puppy’s favorite dessert to my own.

And start the trek back home, Tucker

In the lead snapping his jaws

At the mysteries of the morning walk - 

A flood of blue replacing the once pinkish,

Orange dome.

The author's comments:

Inspired from our morning walks, begining stricty at 6am and ending at 7am, this poem describes the things we go through, me and my pup, as we walk.

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