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That Night

September 20, 2021
By Maddie2022 BRONZE, Somerset, Kentucky
Maddie2022 BRONZE, Somerset, Kentucky
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I still see him

I see his smile and

Hear his laugh

I can hear him say

My name

I can feel his 

Warm                                        touch  

It was once comforting

Now I fear it

I hear him telling                         me

“I’ll stay,                                   I promise”

I remember that night

I can still feel him

Sometimes I wake up

Drenched in sweat 


Missing him

I thought it was love

I thought he would stay

So I gave myself 


He lied and                                  I 

Believed him

I said I                                     would

Never give that up

That was saved for 

Someone special

Saved for someone 

Who would                                  stay 

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