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July 21, 2021
By VeeKitty0614 BRONZE, Taichung, Other
VeeKitty0614 BRONZE, Taichung, Other
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"We are the contributors to our own misery"

“I want to paint the sky with the colours of your smile,”

I whisper as you turn away

not the first time, nor the last.

I reach out for your sleeves

you etch away

like the darkness surrounding a match

eyes forever training

on another

I dig deep into my chest

till my fingers find the red ball

that goes ba bump ba bump

when I look at you

It lays on my palms

my arms outstretch,

“take it” I plea.

You turn away

this time, the last time

Tears well in my eyes,

the fruit in my hands sour

as I pry it apart,

it stings the scars on my fingers

as I squeeze out the juice

There’s now an empty shell

a dead soul

and a jar of lemonade

Cheers, Stupid Girl

The author's comments:

The pain of an unreciprocated love

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