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White Moon

May 7, 2021
By Nayragoc BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Nayragoc BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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“La mera verdad es que la verdad no existe, todo depende del punto de vista.”
― Laura Esquivel, Like Water for Chocolate

Oh white moon 

How I wish to say goodbye 

The loneliness that accompanies you along the dark sky 

As the shooting stars fly 

In jealousy, how I wish to be you and grace 

the beauty that dismisses your solemn cry 

To be applied with such significance and admiration that one takes in with so much incoherent pride

Indebted to you by the bound of your astrological aura to comply and never defy or lie upon your ways of comfort and manner of soothing mothering I so deeply gratify

Oh white moon how you emit that power and piously blind my eyes with an ineffable expression of love and worth to be denied 

As you move two centimeters further from me annually, I will be supplied with the remind, to which I’ll stand by further from your orbit to age in the motion of despair, while I will be replied with the remaining element of your departing stilled continuation to beautify 

Beyond the known perspective you and I both shyly hide behind the busy crowd of magnified clouds and overwhelming infinite ocean skies that spy above our minds 

However as grand as our existence could ever be, not the shivering wind will take notice to the dimly lit shadows we’ll leave behind. 

Only I could never be compared to such sight and force that little meaningless I have in record to witness your monumental essence to testify

How I would love to see you one last time and be satisfied without the reality of the outside 

Oh moon of mine

my last desire is to sit in comfort with the perspective that supplies the mortification of my soulless lullaby


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