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Sonnet of Songbirds

April 26, 2021
By unichama GOLD, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
unichama GOLD, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
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Thoughts are boxes; people are spheres. One may view a box from at most six angles, while spheres are constrained only by infinity—yet, those living within humanity's limits prefer to put spheres in boxes rather than to recognize their individuality. If a psychic epidemic were to once again, we can ascertain that humanity will look the other way in favor of mundane things rather than that and those surrounding us. The biggest dream is that which is not realized.

Overflowing, within this refrain;

One half of a heart; two fourths of a brain.

Those things are all that remain—

I hurt myself more, stuck within disdain—

Tell me you’ll stay

Tell me it’s fine

Although, you know,

That I—

Will die.

All of your lies

Which you denied—

All of my cries:

Shoved out of sight—

The painful images,

The hurtful messages,

You, too, 

Lay amongst now-faded vestiges.

Tell me I’m soaring 

Tell me I’m free—

Whisper into my ear—

Say I’m your “one and only”—

Hold me tight—

Please, be my light—

Teach me to be

An angel in flight—

Show me how to see

The world like you do—

Show me how to be

Someone just like you.

“It isn’t so cold,”

“Forever, you’re mine,”

Tell me I’m special;

Let me inside—

Hurt me more, now,

Please, make me bleed—

Tell me that I’m

A thing without need.

Caress my wounds;

Fool me into love—

Although it hurts,

It’s more than enough.

It’s the only way

I can forget:

A thousand songbirds,

One final sonnet—

The words we wrote:

A beautiful play—

I guess—

 I just couldn’t make you stay.

The author's comments:

Some fly away when we need them most, but one cannot love someone into loving them back.

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