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Love's Disease

April 26, 2021
By unichama GOLD, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
unichama GOLD, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
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Thoughts are boxes; people are spheres. One may view a box from at most six angles, while spheres are constrained only by infinity—yet, those living within humanity's limits prefer to put spheres in boxes rather than to recognize their individuality. If a psychic epidemic were to once again, we can ascertain that humanity will look the other way in favor of mundane things rather than that and those surrounding us. The biggest dream is that which is not realized.

“You aren’t alone, for they say so, you see”; said “meaningful” words with ambiguity. 

“You can do it“(—only if you try), 

That man preaches, telling crowds the same lies. 

“You say they’re lies because of low self-esteem”, says the woman who’s given up on most of her dreams. 

Isn’t it so? Tell me it’s true. “The only one stopping yourself is just you.” 

“Living is great; death is a sin.” They’re on the same coin; get heads and you’ll “win”.

Grow a tail by mistake and they’ll tell you to go; fix yourself quick! Who wins? Who’ll know?

“Take pride in your work,” says the kid who has none.

“Live up to your name,” says the girl in a song.

“Ask for help,” yet we all fear to fail—

so we repeat those words, not understanding the sale.

Hearts on a bargain, we all fail to see

That words on lists and genuinely—don’t mix; don’t match—are polarized pain,

So we’ll try to fit in, stuck within disdain.  

The greatest encouragement comes from within; the greatest advice has no sugar within—within what, you say? Within themselves, and hope—and not on the shelves. 

You can’t sell praise.

You can’t teach love.

You can give us the tools, but it’s always up to us. 

And you, too—you, too, deserve care,

These words are motivation, and lies can’t compare. 

“You’ll do great!” While that may be true, 

In the end, it’s all up to you. 

Toxic positivity is still a disease,

And the words you say must still hold meaning. 

This isn’t self-slander; this isn’t a sin—

for the truest motivation comes from within. 

The author's comments:

This is for those who get fed up with seeing people preach falsity in the worst of ways. But please remember that you are not a structure set in stone; you are a vessel that can change direction, hopefully towards a place you're proud of. Thank you.

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