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Blue is a feeling

February 8, 2021
By Zoeouimet BRONZE, Montreal, Quebec
Zoeouimet BRONZE, Montreal, Quebec
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Navy blue is sad. The type of sad you get at 3 in the morning when all you want is that one person that you can’t have, you wrap your arms around a pillow and let you face sink in, maybe one day they’ll love you again.


Sky blue is exciting. The type excitement you get on a road trip, the view of the clouds mixing with the sky as you lay in the back of your minivan driving down a high way with your 10year old brother asleep beside you.


Icy blue is carefree. its in the jeans your wearing as you climb out of the tractor, past the barn and into your grandparents house, brushing strands of hay off of your clothing and sneaking into the cabinets for just one more cookie.


French baby blue is happiness. it’s the water as you sit on the dock with your cousins laughing at the waves that rush up against your legs almost making you forget about the ice cream cone that’s melting away and dripping down  your hand.


Periwinkle is this conversation, It’s being around you, everything is soft, calm and quiet. your shoulder against mine and suddenly it’s just you and I, simple yet wonderful.

The author's comments:

One day I was explaining to a boy why he felt like blue to me, he thought it was a bad thing. This poem came to me that night

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