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January 29, 2021
By minniewu GOLD, Pennington, New Jersey
minniewu GOLD, Pennington, New Jersey
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I was only one of a few foreign students,

frustrated by new languages, pronunciation, and grammar,

fascinated by deep-dish pizza and sincere friendship.


Blue eyes, curly hair,

many kinds of lovely smiles

dispersed my anxiety and awkwardness like strands of smoke.


The sky was the color of Delft tiles

mixed with milky clouds.

Different kind of faces,

a distinct kind of hair,

play football in the grass.


Time flew quickly,

although I wished to have more adventures

exploring fossil lab online

and playing volleyball in gyms. 


Cobalt sky, no clouds.

An albatross hovered and soared

with best wishes but with regrets.


I wondered many times,

in the world of creatures,

a cute and hard-working rabbit,

and a gentle but strong polar bear,

what will happen if they live together?

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