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Beauty and Sunlight Unleashed

January 2, 2021
By WillC2021 ELITE, Winfield, West Virginia
WillC2021 ELITE, Winfield, West Virginia
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The silent morning fog
rolled, curled, swept
over down a bowl shaped ravine
as if like a snake
taking its time
seeking its prey
slithering, groping its way
slope after slope.

Within the ravine
a sentinel of robust, imposing oaks
stood tall and vigilant
quietly awaiting the rising sun
coming to their aid
at the last instant,
a force so blinding to the eye
emerged from the east.

A tantalizing moment
erected a wall before the fog.
Total blindness
stunned it,
like a person emerging from dark to light.
The sunlight unleashed
a gleaming emerald
of polished treetops upon the oaks.

So cunning, yet defeated.
So common, yet victorious.

The author's comments:

On the beauty of nature and a human's love of it. :)

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