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We Are Never Seen, Never Heard, But It's Alright

July 1, 2019
By JustAnotherRandomGirl SILVER, Ladoga, Indiana
JustAnotherRandomGirl SILVER, Ladoga, Indiana
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Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter

I am drowning, drowning

In the dark depths of sea

Plunged into its darkness

Sinking, fading away


Never seen, never heard

Troubles never noticed

Ever invisible

Ever inaudible


But yet how can that be?

Couldn’t you hear the screams

Of agony, of pain

Of sadness, of sorrow


As I was dragged under

By the heaviest chains

Of my anxiety

And insecurities


As they wrapped themselves

Around my throat and squeezed 

Choking the life from me

Taking from it purpose


Before putting it back

Devoid of usefulness

No longer with meaning

No longer worth living


How could you not have seen?

How could you not have heard?

It was so obvious

Are you all blind and deaf?


Perhaps that is the case

Maybe impossible

For you all to notice

What should be obvious


After all, who can see

The daggers sticking out

Of our bruised and scarred backs

That are torturing us?



After all, who can hear

The cries of those in pain

As they are suffering

From their inner demons?


I am never seen and

They are never seen and

I am never heard and

They are never heard but

It’s alright, isn’t it?

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